A Message From Dr. Thomas

Premier Orthodontic Provider


Not all orthodontists practice the same or share the same treatment philosophy.

Here at Center City Orthodontics, our goal is not just to straighten teeth but to create beautiful smiles for each of our patients which achieve facial balance and optimum function. We will explain each of these in detail when we meet with you for our consultations.

We take particular interest in educating our patients on the net effect of our treatment on their overall appearance and dental health and to provide a patient experience which is beyond their expectations.

The stereotypes that braces are big, ugly and painful and that treatment takes many years and the need to always take out permanent teeth are now falling by the wayside. I remember my own orthodontic treatment and the effect it had on my own life. It did wonders to my self-confidence and played a role in helping me achieve my personal and professional goals. Moreover, it inspired me to become an orthodontist myself!

The advanced treatment techniques that we use have enabled far fewer extractions of permanent teeth, improvements in airway considerations, and above all an orthodontic experience which most would agree is more comfortable than they expected.

It is our goal to help each of our patients discover the smile that they have always wanted and I hope to make a difference in their lives, the way my orthodontist made in mine.