Adult Treatment

Adults are amongst our favorite patients!

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, so there is no such thing as too old for braces. Today one in three of our patients is an adult patient. Our adult patients are a mixture of those who have had orthodontic treatment when they were younger and those who never did for various reasons.

Dr. Thomas focuses on the patient concerns and will explain his treatment recommendations for care and the realistic expectations of their results.

Many adult orthodontic cases require a collaborative effort between several specialists in achieving the optimum results. This is usually due to periodontal and other restorative issues that may be necessary due to the natural aging process.

Dr. Thomas has surrounded himself with experts in all areas. When necessary he will direct you to these specialists to insure that all aspects of your needs are met.

Adults are the fastest growing group to be seeking orthodontic care and the team at Center City Orthodontics look forward to helping all adults discover their smile!